Welcome to MSATT Astronomy

MSATT* - McNamara-Saunders Astronomical Teaching Telescopes - was built at Mount Stromlo Observatory between 2016 and 2019 and was made possible by the generous donation by Dr Denis and Mrs Vee Saunders. The two domes house suites of instruments comprising a 300 mm Schmidt-Cassegrain teaching telescope, an H-alpha solar telescope (both owned by Geoff McNamara), a 100 mm apochromatic refractor, a 40 cm Newtonian, 115 mm apochromat, as well as a range of astronomical cameras, accessories and auxiliary equipment.

MSATT offers students i Years 9 to 12 the chance to experience astronomy first hand. Students collect observations of astronomical phenomena over a period of six months. Students are guided through the analysis of their observations and report-writing to produce a fully referenced and refereed report. Along the way, they gain valuable investigation and science writing skills that will benefit them for years to come.

For further information, download a copy of the MSATT Student Guide or, contact Geoff McNamara at geoffrey.mcnamara@ed.act.edu.au or call/text 0 44 99 66 200.


*pronounced "emsat".

All MSATT activities and tuition are free of charge.

Parent/carer attendance at all observing sessions is required unless multiple students are scheduled.

MSATT is an ANU initiative supported by the ACT Education Directorate